4 Things to Do in Iowa

Iowa is located in the heart of the country. And it is the top corn producer in the country. It is filled with roadside attractions, resorts, lakes, flea markets, small towns, caves, and wedding venues. And it has its share of parks, historical homes, and monuments.

What are the best things to do in Iowa?

Visit National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium

Dubuque Historical Society operates it. It features exhibits, collections, and live animals. It strives to showcase the importance of the Mississippi River. How? It shows how this river and its watershed is important to both the people and the environment. If you have children, take them to see the constantly rotating displays in the Museum.

Visit Capitol Building

It is located in Des Moines. It houses executive and legislative branches of government for Iowa State. There are both free self-guided tours and professional guided tours. There is a Capitol gift shop that offers Iowa Capitol and Iowa themed souvenirs and gifts. And there are monuments on the grounds that surround the building.

Visit Buffalo Bill Museum

It is located in LeClaire. It has exhibits that relate to the history of the local area and the life along the Mississippi. The Museum was named after Buffalo Bill Cody. Want to know the stories of famous people from LeClaire? Check out the history exhibits because they tell their stories.

Visit Field of Dreams, Iowa

This is a baseball field. And it is located outside Dyersville. It has a baseball diamond that is located on the Lansing family farm. The diamond is a pop-culture tourist attraction. And it was built in 1989 for a movie called Field of Dreams. “Ghost Baseball” games are held during summer in this field.

These are the things you can do in Iowa. If you have planning to visit Iowa, take part in some of these activities.